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We can design a garden for your new home, renovate your existing garden, or provide you with a plan to meet your needs for various exterior conditions. Each customer has his or her own preferences and preferences for the surrounding environment.
We suggest the most suitable garden based on these factors. We also provide you drawings and sketches and estimate the cost.

Site survey, Drawing, and Estimate

We carefully observe the site to be landscaped and gather a lot of conditions and information.
Before we start landscaping, we present you with drawings of the proposed garden based on the information gathered in advance.
We also provide you with an estimate at the same time if you wish.


Garden design

Garden construction


We strive for careful and prompt construction. Not only trees, but stones also have
their own “direction and momentum”.
We accurately assess them and create a work of art that matches your image.

Construction Procedure

Finish the front approach and under the eaves, which would be the framework of the garden. 

Construction of the garage and washout.

Partition between the planting area and the gravel area.

Construction of fieldstone piling
at the road boundary.

Construction of slope railing and blind wooden fence.

Planting trees after covering
the soil.

Finishing work such as laying gravel.


Garden management


Garden maintenance varies from season to season and from species to species, so it is necessary to apply the appropriate timing and treatment. It is impossible to cover all of them now, but we introduce some of them here.


Garden care

This is a once-a-year visit.
We use the natural pruning technique to prune tall trees, including coppice woodland trees plants, as well as hedges.We work imaging light and wind passing in perfect way through the trees.
We change the methods of pruning according to tree species to make them look more natural.








Care for Pine tree and Maki (Podocarpus) tree

Pines and Maki trees have been used as typical Japanese garden trees for a long time. Pruning methods for these trees vary greatly depending on the region and the craftsmen. By using the natural pruning technique for other tree species to Pine and Maki, we can make that Pine is like Pine and Maki is like Maki.








January to March

Fertilizing before the roots start to grow strengthens the trees and improves the color of the leaves.
Spraying pesticides such as lime sulfur and lubricant emulsifiable concentrate is effective for sterilization and prevention of insect infestation. This is the best time of year to prevent scale insect infestation.

April to June

In gardens with pines, green picking of pine shoots should be done. This helps keep the pine trees healthy.
It is also a good idea to disinfect the trees as many insect pests may come out at this time.

July to September

This is the time for summer pruning. After the rainy season, trees rapidly grow and branches and leaves darken the garden and make it seem somber.
It's not time for real maintenance yet, but pruning the overgrown branches and crowded areas using a natural pruning technique gives you a cooler look and feeling.
Weeding is also necessary.

October to December

Autumn pruning is the time for real pruning.
It is important to keep the garden in good condition for a long time. Weeding and sweeping the garden clean helps you welcome the New Year with a refreshing feeling.

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