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The president of the company, Daisaburo Enatsu, graduated from the Department of Landscape Architecture at Tokyo University of Agriculture in 1971 and joined the Iida Landscape Design Office in Shibuya, Tokyo, in April of the same year. Then in April 1976, he joined Kawasaki Landscape Co., in Kyoto city. In 1977 he opened Enatsu Garden Architect in Yamashina, Kyoto city, and moved to Sumiyama, Uji, where we have been ever since.


 Mr. Juki Iida was one of the masters of the modern Japanese garden.Mr. Juki Iida was the first person in Japan to start using coppice woodland trees as garden plants in earnest. He discovered the beauty of coppice woodland trees (mainly deciduous trees and wildflowers) and began to use them, which had previously been neglected as garden plants. Mr. Iida's gardens were very rational in their formation, and the gardens and buildings were organically and functionally connected. After completing his five-year training under Mr.Iida in Tokyo, Daisaburo studied under Mr.Kawasaki. In his works, Mr.Kawasaki used carefully selected materials and combinations of materials and expressed the profound culture of Kyoto as the basis of his gardens. The gardens were very festive, but not intrusive, and instead, they were very modest.

Daisaburo’s successor, Taijiro Enatsu, graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology's Graduate School of Forest Conservation, Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences in 2006. Although he planned to pursue a career in forest erosion control and hydrology, when he looked back at his origins as a person who had been interested in nature, especially forests, he realized that his family's landscaping business was the right place for his life, and he chose to pursue his career in landscaping. The knowledge and experience he gained in forestry science are the basis of his ideas and thinking in his landscaping and management of gardens.

After finishing graduate school, he studied for three years under Mr. Yutaka Fukuzumi, a colleague of Daisaburo’s at the Iida Landscape Design Office. Mr. Fukuzumi's garden designs were rich in ideas and dynamic, but at the same time, they were nostalgic, which he felt were similar to Mr. Iida's garden designs. After that, he joined Enatsu Garden Architect and has been working here ever since.

When creating gardens, we value the harmony between the building and the garden and the role of the garden’s functional aspects. Based on these considerations we strive to create gardens that give people a sense of peace and tranquility. Everyday care is important to keep the garden beautiful. We provide annual controls, such as fertilization, disinfection, pruning, and cleaning services for both whether it’s made by us or by others.



Company Name
Enatsu Garden Architect
Enatsu Daisaburo
April 1977
​21-1 Sumiyama Yoro, Uji City, Kyoto 601-1395 Japan
Contact address
TEL / FAX +81-774-32-8305
Number of employees
5 persons
Business description
​Design, construction, and management and maintenance of gardens
License registration number
Permission of the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture (Han-27) No. 36058


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