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S Residence, Takatsuki City


This house is located in Takatsuki City, Osaka. The garden was remodeled in response to a request to create a natural style garden. Walking through a short and elegant gate, a Nobedan (long slabs of stone steps) leads to the entrance. We pruned the branches of the existing podocarpus tree to match coppice wood trees. An Amelanchier asiatica, a Japanese stuartia, a Japanese maple, and an euonymus oxyphyllus were planted along the stone pavement.
As a boundary divider between the garden and the garage, a 1.8m high board fence painted in black was built. A Japanese hemlock tree as a screen was planted in front of the 
In the main garden in front of the living room, a natural stone water basis is used as a water source to create a small stream, which flows into a shallow pond. Nobedan (stone pathway) made of ashlar and tamba stone is close to the stream so that the water can be enjoyed more easily. Coppice wood trees such as Quercus serrata, Japanese loose- flowered hornbeam, Amelanchier asiatica, hazelnut, Japanese maple and Mountain Ash were planted in the main garden.

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