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M Residence, Takatsuki City


This house whose owner’s wife enjoys tea ceremony is located on a hill in Takatsuki City, Osaka. When they built a new house, she wanted to have a tea ceremony room and a tea garden. We made a Tsukubai (crouching basin arrangement) with a four-Buddhas basin and also set a hexagonal buried stone lantern. The back of the garden was screened with Japanese cypress. Elsewhere, we mainly planted deciduous trees such as Lindera trilobale, Japanese maple, Macropoda holly, and Sorbus alnifolia. A red pine tree without large branches was planted to create a mountain view. Chimonobambusa quadrangularis (square-stemmed bamboo) is planted along the approach to the tea garden, creating an extension to the garden with the appearance of a traditional townhouse style alley. The area facing to the living room is paved with stones so that outdoor furniture can be placed and the garden can be enjoyed in various ways. In the corner of the garden, there is a small space surrounded by sleepers where she enjoys plants and flowers for tea ceremony. In front of the entrance, we planted an ash tree and a camellia and finished the garden with kumazasa (kuma bamboo grass).

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