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KT Residence, Toyonaka City


This residence is located in a quiet residential area. The garden is divided into the following sections: entrance, lawn garden, tsuboniwa, Daisugi (Kitayama Cedars) garden, stone wash basin and stream garden, and service yard. In the tsuboniwa garden, a water basin made of Kurama stone was used as a sunken basin arrangement to express the profundity of the garden.
In the other corner, a part of a five-storied pagoda was built on a large flat stone to serve as a landmark. A well-shaped seven-storied pagoda was built with Daisugi in the background to be the cornerstone of the view. The stream flows through a forest of maple trees from tsukubai(a crouching stone basin arrangement)which is the source of the flow. The water flows along the shallow surface of the riverbed, reflecting light on its surface.
Being able to hear the sound of the murmuring water and feel the movement of the water gives one a sense of peace in their heart.

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