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K Residence, Toyonaka City


This house is located on a sunny hill. We remodeled the existing garden and utilized many of the existing landscaping materials.
There is a south garden facing the living room and there is a tsuboniwa garden(enclosed garden)on the north side. In the south garden, we raised the low mossy ground 
and the grass plot to create a landform and then arranged plants and stones.
Near the terrace, we placed a water basin and added an old plum tree. A lantern was placed under an oak tree in the west corner, and a torch fence was placed in the background to create a good view.
The whole scene is a landscape of Yamato-e. The overall atmosphere of the garden is like a landscape painting in Yamato-e style, making it bright and gorgeous.
In the tsuboniwa garden (enclosed garden) in front of the tatami room, there is a block wall covered with a cedar bark hedge in front of which a large camellia tree and a stone wash basin were placed. Fresh water seeping from the base of a camellia tree at the edge of the mountain is collected and leads to a stone wash basin. This is our image of this tsuboniwa garden.

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