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K Residence, Neyagawa City

This client moved to a new house a few years after we first landscaped their property, so we moved the original garden materials to the new house and re-landscaped it. The former house had a peculiar triangular site. In front of the tatami room, a low stone wall and bamboo fence were used to divide the area, and tsukubai (a crouching basin arrangement) was built with a stone lantern and a boiling pot shaped stone wash basin. The stone wash basin was set lower than the ground to make it a sunken basin arrangement.

By making the composition of the garden three-dimensional, the garden feels wider even though it is less than 2m deep. Behind the stone wall is a triangular lawn garden.
The bricks were placed on the of the artificial ground of the garage of the new house, and the plants and a lantern were placed there. The boiling pot shaped stone water basin was placed on a black granite slab. When water is poured into the basin, the stone slab becomes a water mirror and the basin appears to be floating on the water surface.

The main garden on the south side is a Western-style garden with lawn, where they can enjoy the flowers and plants through the four seasons.

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