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S Residence, Kyoto City


This house is located on a terraced residential lot. When entering through the lattice gate, the painted wall in front of the gate used to give a sense of oppression.
We tried to reduce the oppressive feeling by constructing a vertical lattice with thin bamboo. There is also a small garden under the eaves of the entrance where we set a square stone lantern and planted dendropanax frididus (kakuremino) that can grow under the eaves. There is a tea ceremony room attached to the house, which has a nijiriguchi (a 
small door which leads into a tea ceremony room) and a kininguchi (an entrance made especially for noblemen or other dignitaries so that they can enter the tea ceremony room without bending), so we placed stepping stones and a stone wash basin to match this.
We chose Japanese cypresses for screening and also planted Japanese maples, a black pine, a podocarpus, and Japanese andromedas to create a calm atmosphere. For the main garden, we planted a red pine and some flowering coppice woodland trees and also used wildflowers as undergrowth so that the owners can enjoy the flowers throughout the four seasons.

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